Online coaching

1 month – 150 €
3 months – 375 €

The coaching plan fees are €150 a month or €375 for 3 months at once, always paid beforehand.

The online coaching program includes your own custom nutrition, training and supplement plan fit to your physique and goals. Athletes in contest preparation can make appointments to receive posing practice leading up to their show. All plans are personally made by me, and you will be able to contact me daily via Whatsapp for any questions or feedback. The coaching program requires frequent physique updates which include photos and bodyweight, so i can track your progress and make adjustments to the nutrition as necessary. Training plans are adjusted once a month with new exercises, rep ranges and other intensity factors.

Personal Training

(Netherlands only)

35 € per session

ranging between 60-90 minutes.

Special package price:

300 € for 10 sessions

paid beforehand.

Training sessions will be held personally by Lorenzo in the Rotterdam area.

Personalized diet plan

50 €

Personalized training plan

50 €